OnePlus Open shown by Indian actress Anushka Sharma

If you’re wondering if the long-rumored OnePlus Open, the company’s first foldable device, will officially go on sale in India, wonder no more. It will. It’s clear that the brand has started its teaser campaign for the Open in India – but not in the way you’d expect.

This is not a social media post announcing an announcement, or anything like that Instead, OnePlus effectively gave Indian actress Anushka Sharma an opening, forcing her to pose “unscientifically” to the left and right of the paparazzi. This was captured by not one but two separate videos, which you can watch below.

Now, this is clearly staged. Sharma held the phone awkwardly, then flipped it backwards, and the entire time nothing was visible on the two screens. Maybe the phone was off, maybe it wasn’t even a phone, just a dummy. In any case, Sharma definitely wouldn’t handle his phone this way.

OnePlus offers to do things a little differently than we expected, though celebrity tie-ins are certainly nothing new. Not internationally, and certainly not in India. However, this is our best “hands-on” video look at the handset so far, and it looks like the leaks were right – the circular camera island is massive, reminding us of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra.

Recent rumors suggest that Open will finally launch next month, after a delay from the initial timeline due to changes to the screen panel.

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