Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a) are the earbuds launching on April 18

Nothing recently revealed that it’s announcing something on April 18, and today the company let us know exactly what to expect: Nothing Year and Nothing Year (A).

That’s not a typo, we’re not talking about Nothing Year (3). Ahead of this launch, the company decided to reset its naming scheme and go back to the numbers it used until now to underscore each generation of each product. Skipping the numbers, nothing says it can “focus around the product and how it delivers a unique experience for each user”.

This could turn into a confusing mess in a few years when, if we read this correctly, we might have a few generations of earbuds called the Nothing Years. Perhaps we need to use the year of launch to understand them, as has sometimes been the case with Apple products.

However, Nothing Year (3) is no longer Nothing Year (3), it’s just the new Nothing Year. And joining that pair of high-end earbuds will be the Nothing Ears (A), which could complement the Nothing Phone (2a) as a more affordable option in the company’s portfolio.

Nothing “promises to pay a premium for each which is not about market value, but user preference”. We look forward to seeing what Kahn and Kahn(A) bring to the table in a few weeks. Stay tuned for our review of both.

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