Apple will bring super telephoto camera feature in iPhone 16 smartphone

The upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Max may have a breakthrough feature: a super telephoto periscope camera. This new camera technology will provide dramatically increased optical zoom, allowing users to magnify and capture distant subjects with exceptional clarity.

The iPhone 16 Pro Max’s “Super” or “Ultra” telephoto camera will act like a powerful telescope, bringing distant objects much closer without losing image quality. Current telephoto cameras on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro models have a focal length equivalent to 77mm, while a super telephoto camera typically has a focal length of over 300mm. This means that the new camera’s zoom capabilities deserve praise.

Apple is planning to bring telephoto cameras to both models of the iPhone 16 Pro series. The device will offer a super telephoto periscope camera as a differentiating factor.

It can enhance low-light photography by capturing more light, resulting in better images in dark conditions. While it is not certain which device in the iPhone 16 lineup will have this feature, it can be believed that the device could be the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

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