Apple acknowledges iPhone 15 Pro series overheating issues, promises fix

It wouldn’t be a proper iPhone launch without some controversy, and this year there have been numerous reports of the iPhone 15 Pro series models overheating. Apple has now acknowledged the issue and is actively working on a fix with an upcoming software update.

According to some analysts, the culprits responsible for the overheating and throttling problems are thermal design compromises that resulted in a smaller heat dissipation area for the new Pro models. The new titanium frame has a higher thermal conductivity than stainless steel which may be another key factor.

We should note that we were unable to replicate the overheating issue in our iPhone 15 Pro Max review where we used two units of the same device. We did notice significant GPU throttling under load, though. We’ll make sure to follow up on the iPhone 15 Pro series overheating controversy and update you accordingly.

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