Samsung to fix Vivid mode with a toggle in next Galaxy S24 update

Samsung started shipping the Galaxy S24 flagships last week, but early adopters found a problem with the new phone’s screen mode. According to multiple reports, the screen is not as colorful as expected in Vivid mode and the company has acknowledged the issue.

Now tipster Ice Universe reveals that Samsung is working on a solution that will increase vibrancy and even enable granular control over it. This is a three-step option and should come with the next software update.

The first step is default saturation, where the Galaxy S24 panel is more vibrant than the natural alternative but nowhere near what Samsung offered on previous phones.

Sliding the toggle to the middle or second step will keep the S24 display closer to the vibrant S23 colors, while the third option is said to go beyond that.

The toggle appears to be in Advanced Settings for Vivid Screen Mode, which is part of Display Settings. This will sit below the White Balance option, where a user can manually change the RGB level of the display.

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