Samsung announces update to fix the bland displays on the Galaxy S24 series

Samsung has finally officially announced the update that will fix the bland display of the Galaxy S24 series. The firmware is coming to the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra this month and will include a “Vividness” slider in the display’s advanced settings.

The menu exists in current software but lacks this particular slider. Samsung specifically says it’s chosen to make the default screen more natural but still giving users feedback – so now users who want their Super AMOLED punchier can crank the slider to their liking.

Samsung also mentions further optimization of camera functions. The wording is deliberately vague but Samsung says that “the device’s zoom function, portrait mode, nightgraphy, rear camera video shooting capabilities and more” will be upgraded.

We haven’t received the firmware yet and will continue testing. Meanwhile, read our detailed Galaxy S24 Ultra review.

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