Oppo Find N3 in for review

Exactly 2 oppo find no 3 and it’s song device, inside inside, st naplus open, only for different markets.
However, on the outside, the Find N3 is arguably the better phone.

Our unit is the Gold model and definitely eye-catching. Add red and the N3 is a much brighter phone than the black and green OnePlus.

The Oppo Find N3 ships with a 67W charger, a USB cable and a case. The Find N3 ships with the same promising triple rear camera with Hasselblad tuning. The 48MP Sony Lytia stacked main sensor, 64MP half-inch-type 70mm telephoto, and 48MP half-inch-type 14mm ultrawide are all high-end. It is no exaggeration to call this system the most advanced of any foldable system.

We liked the output from the OnePlus Open’s camera system but it will be interesting to see if the tuning is different here.

Oppo Find N3 will be sold in most countries where Open is not available. If you’ve got the N3 in your sights and want to know if you should buy one, you’ll have to wait for our full review!

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