Leaked iPhone 16 Pro case shows rumored capture button

The iPhone 16 Pro actually sports a brand-spanking-new Capture button. Granted, a leaked case (and obviously not Apple-made) isn’t the best evidence, but the source has a reasonable track record when it comes to Apple work – Sonny Dixon.

The case has a clear cutout just below the power button on the right. Interestingly, the power button has a rubber cover, while the expected capture button has a cutout – this could be due to the case design, or it could be related to the button itself, if we’re left to guess.

Word first surfaced that Apple was working on adding a capture button to the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro earlier this month.

It is expected to simulate the soft shutter button on a normal camera. A half press will engage focus, while a full press will take a photo (or a series of them). Sony phones had shutter buttons a while back, but they were thin and not very good.

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