Google Pixel phones may get adaptive display touch sensitivity

Android Police has uncovered an interesting string of code that suggests a new feature is coming to Google Pixel phones, called Adaptive Touch Sensitivity.

Judging by the code itself, it could enable future and current Pixel phones to adjust the display’s touch sensitivity depending on environmental factors, activity or whether a screen protector is applied.

In fact, the Pixel 8 series can already detect a screen protector and once you apply one, the system prompts you to increase the touch sensitivity. But it looks like Google is ready to expand that feature, which is available in Android 14 QPR3 beta 1 software.

The string doesn’t make it entirely clear what the functionality will look like, but it’s probably safe to assume that the phone will look for changes in the environment.

For example, it will increase sensitivity when it’s cold, so you can use the phone with your gloves on, or it will decrease sensitivity on a rainy day to mitigate accidental touches due to excess moisture or rain.

The line of code also mentions activity, but we’re not sure what that means.

We also don’t know if older Pixel phones will support it or only future phones, though since Android Police found the string on a Pixel 8 phone and it already supports automatic screen protector detection, the Pixel 8 series will likely get it.

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