Caviar announces the UFO design collection of iPhone 15 Pro series in time for Halloween

For Halloween this year, Caviar is introducing the UFO collection of luxurious, custom-made iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max designs, which incorporate space elements. More specifically, fragments of the Murchison meteorite containing amino acids (the building blocks of life in the universe).

Caviar used fragments of the Murchison meteorite, where scientists discovered 15 amino acids from space. The meteorite itself is probably 7 billion years old, 4.54 billion years older than Earth and the Solar System, making it the oldest material on Earth today.

The element mentioned is part of the so-called Alien chassis design, but the back actually depicts the Predator.

The company has complemented the Alien with two more options, also space-themed – Astral and Starship. The former shows an image of the universe, while the other is inspired by a spaceship.

For these designs, Caviar used meteorites from the Moon and Mars, 24K gold, aircraft-grade titanium and stainless steel.

These custom-made iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will set you back $9,000 each.

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