Apple backtracks, won’t remove progressive web apps in the EU after all

In mid-February, Apple announced that iOS 17.4 would remove support for Progressive Web Apps in the EU. The company blamed the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), which goes into effect next week, and iOS 17.4 will bring support for alternative app stores.

Following a massive online backlash, today Apple changed its mind and revealed that Progressive Web apps will still be supported in iOS 17.4 in the EU as well. So, as before, you can add a Progressive Web App to your home screen and launch it in its own top-level window, a handy shortcut to open in Safari can’t be denied.

Last month, Apple claimed that it would only affect a small number of users, but it has already learned that they are very vocal about such issues.

So, Progressive Web apps will still use Apple’s WebKit rendering engine, even if you choose a default browser that uses its own (support for third-party browsers using their own rendering engine is part of the measures Apple must implement. DMA loyal.)

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